Events organised by Ola Latina since 1995 (2014 to date to be updated)

Festivals & Carnivals organised or co-organised in the UK:
Festival de Orquestas May 2014 (in association with Salsateca)
Festival de Orquestas June 2013 (in association with Salsateca)
Clave Latina Festival June 2013 (in association with Alcadanz)
Brighton Salsa Festival June/July 2012 (in association with Alcadanz and Salsa Magic)
Festival de Orquestas June 2012 (in association with Salsateca)
Clave Latina Festival June/July 2012

Cultura y Cubania October 2011 (in association with Cubacheche)

200 Latin America - London Sept to Dec 2010 - Celebration of the Latin American Bicentenary in London, supported by the Mayor of London
Cultura y Cubania October 2010  (in association with Cubacheche)
Clave Latina Festival July 2010

Latin America @ The Kilburn Festival July 2010

Cultura y Cubania October 2009 (in association with Cubacheche)

Scoop Latino @ the Scoop, More Free Festival July 2009
Carnaval Latino @ the Tottenham Carnival June 2009
Carnaval Latino del Norte @ the Tottenham Carnival 2008
Cimarron Festival 2008
Festival Encuentro Latino 2007, including the Balham Latin Carnival Parade
Festival Encuentro Latino 2006
Salsa Republic's London Weekender 2006 & 2007
Tsunami Salsa Fund Raiser, The Big One - Club Colosseum 2005
Carnaval Latino UK – Tottenham 2004
Latin Splash - Clapham Common 2003
Colombian Disaster Appeal Festival – Horticultural Hall 1999

Events promoting local and international live Latin music and dance
Rumbon Dominicano 2013 to date (in association with DJ Erick 'the Saint')
El Bembe' 2013 to date (in association with Salsateca)
Sabor 2011 (The City) to date (in association with Alcadanz & El Ritmo Latino)
Chango' Latin Club 2011
Salsa Republic & El Grande (Vauxhall & King's Cross 2004-to date (in association with Love 2 Salsa & S 4 Salsa)
The Conga Club (Clapham Common) 2005
Bilongo Latin Club (Green Lanes & Vauxhall) 1995-1997 & 2000-2002
Club Babalu (Waterloo & Brixton Hill) 1998-1999

Concerts/Tours staged in the UK and Europe:
Herman Oliver 'El Sonero del Siglo XXI'   (New York (Puerto Rico)) - May 2014
DJ El Chino (International Salsa DJ from Cali, Colombia) - Nov 2013
Jose Mangual Jr (Salsa: New York) 2012 @ Clave Latina Festival
Izzy Sanabria 'Mr Salsa' (Graphic artist, writer and Latin magazine publisher from New York) 2012 @ Clave Latina Festival
Maelo Ruiz (Salsa: Puerto Rico) 2009
Pedro Arroyo (Salsa: Puerto Rico) 2007
Tito Nieves (Salsa: New York) 2006
Maelo Ruiz (Salsa:Puerto Rico) 2006
Sierra Maestra (Son: Cuba) 2005
Azucar Negra (Salsa: Cuba) 2005
Son de Cali (Salsa: Colombia) 2005
Tito Gomez (Salsa: Puerto Rico) 2005
Santa Salsa (Tito Rojas,Luisito Carrion,Cano Estremera) 2004
Tito Gomez, European Tour 2003
Cano Estremera, European Tour 2003
Maelo Ruiz (Salsa:Puerto Rico) 2002
Luisito Carrion (Salsa:Puerto Rico) 2001, 2002
Sonora Carruseles (Salsa:Colombia) 2001 - Acting agents 
Tito Rojas (Salsa:Puerto Rico) 2000, 2001 European Tours & UK concerts
Victor Manuelle (Salsa:Puerto Rico) 2000 European Tour & UK concert 
Los Visconti (Romantic Folk Music:Argentina) 2000,2002 European Tour & UK concert
Pape Fall (Salsa:Senegal) 1999
DLG (Salsa Rap:New York)  1999

Andy Montanez (Salsa:Puerto Rico) 1999
Africando (Salsa: Senegal) 1998
Alci Acosta (Bolero:Colombia) 1998 European Tour 
Ricardo Fuentes (Bolero:Colombia) 1997
Rodolfo Aicardi (Cumbia:Colombia) 1997, 2000, 2002
Adalberto Santiago (Salsa:New York) 1996, 2000 (UK Tour)
Los del Caney (Salsa:Colombia) & Jose Mangual Jr (Salsa:New York) 1995
Henry Fiol (Salsa:New York) 1995, 1996, 2001

Dance Tours in the UK  (Salsa Dance World Champions from Cali, Colombia)
Jhon Gener Vasquez & Yudi Aguilar - Summer 2011; Summer 2012
Swing Latino - Spring 2010
Jhon Gener Vasquez & Yudi Aguilar - Summer 2008
Swing Latino - Summer 2007 
Ricardo Murillo & Viviana Vargas - Summer 2006